May 032016

Old Books

I am now taking requests to convert word documents and pdfs to ePub and Mobi formats. I have a very good track record of doing this and can provide people that can vouch for me as far as quality and timeliness. If this interests you please check out my fiverr pagee @

Apr 302016

Welcome to the new home of “The Crazy GM.” This is the new home for my self-publications and various other things I will be working on. Expect personal things as well. I posted in a Google Sites that I created what to expect from me. I’ll re-post it here for posterity.

I figured I owed it to you to know what I intend on posting about. Well, mental illness for one, gaming and gaming related stuff. Post about misogyny. Yes I am somewhat of a misogynist, but *very* much a gentlemen. (Me and Dannie basically live in the 1950s.) Post against “Feminazis”, they really piss me off. Post about religion, and lack thereof. Post about my pain, which is incredibly bad.

I will have guest posters, I think…I may be forgetting something, but this is pretty much my list…