About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Garcia, better known as TheCrazyGM. I am an RPG enthusiast and self-publisher. I operate https://greyfey.com as a work/hobby. I also have a great interest in #cryptocurency which lead me to the awesome folks @ https://vivaco.in now I am in their employ. I will do their bidding.

10 years ago I broke my back working as a correctional officer in the state of Oklahoma. Now life pretty much sucks. I do my best to stay positive and keep my chin up. Hobbies are great for that, and I think of work as a hobby too. Much of my suffering now is from mental illness. Because of the pain, it brought out Schizophrenia and MAJOR anxiety issues.


In https://chat.vivaco.in we were speaking of my lament. I'm not too proud to take donations, there is always something hanging over my head. i.e. doctor appointments every two weeks. sigh

  • Litecoin: LZFZgb972pRgSz1ocPakSuEX7GLbp5oZrx
  • Bitcoin: 1GW6jmMFFQbTR8veJKbXVv2HYdTbiu5byE
  • Ethereum: 0xEE6AaFb6ad9a23C9b386e7fBb55D9d65feb0aB23
  • Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/TheCrazyGM
  • I'll also take a swift kick in the ass to keep me going.